ICDM'04 Possible Benefits for ICDM Corporate Sponsors

  1. Their name and/or logo will appear in our advertising (such as the calls for papers of the conference).
  2. Their name and logo will be published in the conference proceedings.
  3. The conference can include their product announcements (or free products if they like) in the registration package for each conference participant.
  4. All sponsor employees will be discounted to member rates for conference registration. (Non-member rates are at least 25% higher than member rates.)

    Depending on the amount of money they contribute, the following benefits are also possible.

  5. If space is available, they can possibly have a couple of posters at the conference venue, or staff a small table outside the conference meeting rooms for advertising their products.
  6. We can possibly provide tickets to the conference dinner and/or free registrations to attend the conference.
  7. Also, the conference may offer the opportunity to use a conference room during a special period for the sponsors to demonstrate their products or their current research/development projects. This can be organized as part of the software exhibitions of the conference.