ICDM'04 Workshops

The following workshops are approved and have currently developed webpages. All workshops will take place in Brighton on Nov. 1, 2004. Please consult the workshop webpage for all matters concerning a specific workshop.. See the ICDM webpage for registration information.

Stan Matwin
ICDM 2004 Workshop Chair

Alternative Techniques for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (half-day)

Organizers: Juan Carlos Cubero, Daniel Sanchez, University of Granada, Spain, Z. Ras, UNC Charlotte, Thomas Sudkamp, Iona College

Data Mining and the Grid (half-day)

Organizers: Assaf Schuster, Ran Wolff, Technion, Israel

Foundations of Data Mining (full day)

Organizers:T.Y. Lin, San Jose State, USA, Stephen Smale, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, Tomaso Poggio, M.I.T

Frequent Itemsets Mining Implementations (half-day)

Organizers: Roberto Bayardo, IBM Almaden Research Center, Bart Goethals, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland, Mohammed J. Zaki, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Life Sciences Data Mining (full day)

Organizers:Chung-Sheng Li, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Stephen Wong Harvard Medical School

Privacy and Security Aspects of Data Mining (half-day)

Organizers: LiWu Chang, NRL; Carlisle Adams, Stan Matwin, Justin Zhan, University of Ottawa

Temporal Data Mining: algorithms, theory and applications (half-day)

Organizers: Sheng Ma, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Tao Li, University of Rochester, Charles Perng, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center